Roller Coaster

​note: this is going to be so random (as random as it gets when you rode a roller coaster for the first time) I’ve thought of this going home from work inside a PUV, so forgive me for all the grammatical errors and typos hahahaha! 

I never knew it would be extreme;

It’s not going to be easy, but it’s really ups and downs, friends will come and go no matter how you want them to stay, the thing is, there will always be priorities, that’s one of the reason to be glad of the people who stick around or the ones who who always make time despite of their busy schedule.

These are the people who make you on top of their list, at least on the second or third, still on the list, right? even if you’re the last, be glad about it, because some didn’t make it up on their priority list.

Your mother will always be the best! Whatever happens, regardless if you decide to ignore her rules and take her for granted, it will always be her, who will save you, or someone that you can come home to — when all else fails, and she, even after all what you’ve done — she will still accept you with open arms and with a whole heart.

There will always be something that you want to have but you somehow you can’t find a way to have it, or there’s no way for you to do it, because it’s either financial issues or there a lot of things you need to take in consideration, or simply let’s call it — priorities.

There will come a time that you’ll almost feel fulfilled, feeling that somehow you have reached all your dreams/goals, life is almost perfect for you, everything is going well and not against you, then all of a sudden, something or somebody will ruin everything in just a snap, but what’s important is how you will react to those events and how you handle the situations — we have to accept that there are things that are happening simply because these are challenges that we can harvest learning and be wise in the future; It’s more of learning how to be an adult. 

Even with small things, you ride a public vehicle, the driver plays a music, your favorite music, you’re in the perfect mood to sing, suddenly he decided to change the music which you’ve never heard of before, and that also changed your mood in a snap, thinking that the driver is such an insesitive idiot for changing the music — but we have to remember, that should be fine, because even with small stuff, we actually have no control of the things happening around us, be it big or small, it does not always come our way, it’ll not always be in our favor, that’s the word compromise comes in, once we learn how to compromise, it’ll be easy for us to catch up and enjoy the roller coaster ride – most extreme roller coaster ride. 


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